Morocco, what you sayin?Morocco, what you sayin?

Morocco, what you sayin?

Morocco is the nearest far-away place. There’s sweltering heat, maze-like souks, spicy tagines and CAMELS, all just a short plane ride away 🐪

But choosing where to go can be kinda overwhelming.

Here’s LuckyTrip's guide to Morocco’s best bits.

Marrakech is best for… arty gardens

Marrakech, Morocco

Take a deep breath before you get off the plane. Colours swirl, spices tingle and snake charmer music fills the streets.

Marrakech is bewitching and chaotic in equal measures, it’s a sink or swim kinda place.

Head to the Jardin Majorelle and its new museum celebrating Yves Saint Laurent’s life for a spot of calm.

Rabat is best for… old stuff

Rabat, Morocco

“Rabat, who?”

Morocco’s third city keeps out of the limelight (ahem Marrakech), despite having souks full of charm.

But with the Kasbah des Oudaias, Mohammed V’s Mausoleum and the nearby Roman Kingdom of Chellah, Rabat is a history geek's happy place (oh, and it’s an absolute stunner).

Essaouira, Morocco

Essaouira is best for… kicking back

Say Essaouira (es-Sweera) slowly. Sounds like the sea breeze hissing…

A hippy hangout where surfers come to catch waves and smoke, this place is Marrakech’s laid back cousin.

The medina has the best views over the sea.

Fes is best for… stinky dye holes

Fes, Morocco

In Fes, all the oldy-worldy, Aladdiny bits are dialled up, but there’s way less chaos.

Famous for textiles and leather (calm down) Fes is a labyrinth of market stalls.

Chouara Tannery is a must. It stinks like a serial killer’s fridge but stuff some sprigs of mint up your nose and enjoy the colourful puddles of dye.

Asilah is best for… surprise street art

Asilah, Morocco

Take a splash of Spain, a squirt of Morocco and a pinch of Banksy…


Someone looked at Asilah’s whitewash walls and saw a blank canvas. The streets here are coated in murals, from giant paintings to teensy doodles.

Use the colourful paintings to help you find your way round the medina.