Vegan Eats: Jasmine Harman


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Each week in our Vegan Eats series we’ll be serving up interviews with presenters, chefs and influencers on all things vegan 🌽

In our first episode we’re chatting with Channel 4 presenter, travel guru, and Veganuary ambassador Jasmine Harman. Get the lowdown on her favourite restaurants in Europe and the menu item she can’t resist…

Are any cuisines doing really great vegan food?

Caribbean. Ask for the “Ital” options which, in line with Rastafarian beliefs, will be plant based, unprocessed foods. You can try stews and curries, rice and peas, delicious Rotis, using local ingredients such as yams, ackee and okra, black beans, plantain and many others.

Your ultimate food destination?

When travelling to Sri Lanka, I tasted some of the best curries I've ever eaten in my life! Because of the abundance of spices available, along with the Buddhist influences (of not harming creatures) there’s a wealth of amazing vegan options, even in restaurants not specifically catering to vegans.

The item you'll always order if it's on the menu?

Mushrooms – I'm obsessed with mushrooms. Risotto, burgers, soup, stuffed, sauteed, baked... I recently used shredded king oyster mushrooms in a stir fry as a replacement for chicken, and it was delicious.

Cooking at home, favourite dish to make on a lazy Sunday?

You cannot beat a Sunday Roast and it is one of my favourite meals to have at the weekend. We usually make a pie that can include anything in it and use the vegan Jus-Rol pastry. My husband makes his famous Marmite roast potatoes and we make a homemade mushroom, onion and red wine gravy. The meal will also include carrots, parsnips and green vegetables.

Can you tell us your top vegan restaurant recommendation in Europe?

Bellaverde in Pollença, Mallorca.

I love this restaurant so much that I once ate there twice in one day! It was that good! You can sit outdoors under the shade of the ancient fig trees, enjoying the the atmosphere with a glass of wine. They even do a VeganLove Breakfast, along with salads, burgers, pastas, curries and a raw-vegan lasagne.

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