Valentine's gift card ideas


“What will we do for Valentine's Day love?"

“M&S Meal Deal, bottle of Cab Sav, 15 minutes of missionary…”


A weekend in Iceland to find hidden waterfalls and blue lagoons 😍

LuckyTrip have launched Gift Cards, so you can give your lurved one the gift of travel without stressing over how to wrap a formless concept.

But how does it work?

Download the App, set your budget and tap the Lucky button to see over 300 destinations.

Each trip gives you:
✈ Somewhere to go
🏰 Somewhere to stay
😻 Something to make you happy

Then just enter the Gift Card code at the checkout and start packing your passport and underwear. Buy them here.

Let us tickle your winkle a little more with some examples of romantic getaways...

*LuckyTrip cannot guarantee bumping uglies will occur on these trips


, Estonia

Tallinn is a fairytale pop-up book.

There’s olde-worlde churches, cobbled alleyways and turrety roofs at every turn. Basically, it's romantic AF.

Want some chilli with your chocolate? Explore the Kalamaja district to sniff out Tallinn’s grittier side.


, Iceland

Reykjavik is a city like no other.

This little rainbow pocket of counterculture in the wilds of Iceland is packing wizardy architecture, elf schools and an actual dick museum – what could be romantic than that??

It’s also the gateway to some of the weirdest nature this side of Mars – blue lagoons, black beaches and exploding geysers are just the start. Take a Golden Circle tour to see the highlights and keep your eyes peeled for The Northern Lights, or as the locals call them 'nature's aphrodisiac'.


, Kenya

Nairobi is one half concrete jungle, one half actual jungle.

The Kenyan capital is everything you’d want from a trip to Africa: loud, proud and full of lions. Plus, buy this for your significant other and they'll be in your debt FO LYF. It's how relationships work, people.

Explore patterned markets and vibesy nightclubs, then head south to where the city melts into the savannah 🦁