Europe’s Best Ski Resort


Grenoble, France

In the words of well-known ski-enthusiast (ahem), Rupaul… Alpe d’Huez, you’re a winner baby 🏆

This ski resort has scored a hatrick - three years running it’s been voted Europe's Best Ski Resort by European Best Destinations ⭐ From the après scene to the slopes - we’re taking a deep dive into what it takes to hog the top spot...


What makes this such a stone cold fox of a ski resort is it’s 250km of slopes that curve round the villages of Auris, Villard Reculas, Oz en Oisans and Vaujany 👌 Also - the guaranteed snow 🌨 If you’re someone who thinks size matters, you should know the slopes go from 1,135m to 3,330m.

For absolute ski legends you’ll want to head straight for Le Tunnel. This is a black run from the summit of Pic Blanc (a massive mountain.) You’ve got to go through a rock corridor - yep, you heard right - and then navigate the snow 🎿 You don’t want to fall… it might be a 100m slide down.

Ski-babies will want to stay away from the scary black tunnel and hit the nursery slopes 🍼 Head for the Bergers side of the village for lemon squeezy pistes and loadsa green runs.


Le Passe Montagne do lots of skillets of things smothered in cheese 🧀 You really can’t go wrong, but the chicken fillet with local Reblochon cheese is a thing of creamy white wine beauty 😋 As you’d expect from a timber old chalet in the charming Vieil quarter - there are mountain classics like fondue and raclette.

To finish, you have to get the meringue. Someone has mastered the kiss-it-with-the-blowtorch-for-golden-swirls technique - the legend 🏅 So what you get served is a Mr Whippy style meringue with crispy bits and airy bits. Not for sharing ⛔


For parties in town head for Vieli - it’s the older part of town but has the best spots. Everything’s spread out but it’s still bar hoppable.

La Folie Douce is the last word in apres. On the slopes it’s the best place to head 🍺 There’s live music most nights, the vibe starts chilled but ends in all out table-top performances 💃 Guest DJs keep the good times coming. These guys pride themselves on ‘snow storm or sun’ bringing the party.