Top 3 Micro-Breweries in... Denmark


Copenhagen, Denmark

If a microbrewery was a hotel it’d be the boutique kind where everyone knows your name and leaves homemade chocolates on your pillow 💝 Small and perfectly formed, these guys scale back to focus on the good stuff - like quality and flavour.

Think of them as artisans.. Craftspeople... Beer whisperers 🍺

These are three of the best microbreweries in Denmark - because there’s life beyond Carlsberg 👍


A string of fairy lights and a bottle-green neon ‘beer’ sign, people perch on old crates and drink out of cans with cartoons on them… if you only do one brewery in Denmark make it Mikkeller 🍻

Watery beer? Amateur moves 👎 These guys use stuff like riesling wine juice, ancho chili, and yuzu. Inside it’s all industrial exposed pipes and copper vats of liquid gold.

Grab a brew and check out the merch - you’ll leave with a cartoon mermaid mug and a warm feeling in your belly 😊

Refsvindinge Bryggeri

The Funen countryside is sprinkled with turrets and timber-roofs - super wholesome Danish vibes. Refsvindinge Bryggeri is Denmark’s smallest brewery, blink and you’ll literally miss it 🕵 They host beer tastings which the locals love, so you’ll have to book early to snag a spot.

Go for the ‘beer, bed and breakfast package’, you’ll get to spend the night in a ‘beer hut’ and have breakfast in the beer hall ☕

This guy’s in the middle of nowhere - make the trip worth it by stopping at Restaurant Lieffroy 🍴 It’s a 13-minute drive and their plates look like fine-dining woodland scenes 🍄

Dansk Mjød

Mead - but if a fashion-forward viking was marketing it… 💅

On the outskirts of Billund, Michael is single-handedly (pretty much) running a mead brewery that’s been in the biz since 1994. He gets his inspo from old myths and recipes but makes a proper modern brew.

Dansk Mjød has tastings and the brewmaster himself gives talks about his (ahem) process, and ingredient selection.