Vegan Eats: PlatesVegan Eats: Plates


In this episode of our Vegan Eats series, we’re chatting with Kirk and Keeley. They're the brother-sister duo running Plates - a plant-based restaurant and food studio in Hackney 🌿 We get the lowdown on their insider restaurant recs and find out what a chef eats on a day off...

Top five vegan restaurant recommendations in Europe?

"In London, I recommend Mooshies and Wild Food Cafe, Soul Kitchen in Turin, and Lucky Leek in Berlin."

Chef Kirk doesn’t discriminate. His London rec - Mooshies - is a simple burger joint. Go for the Magic Mushroom burger in all it’s panko oyster mushroom glory 🍄 Follow up with a side of loaded sweet potato fries...

Or, head to Lucky Leek in Berlin for plates pretty enough to hang in the Tate 🖼 Meals here start with a Bourbon whiskey, blackcurrant, and triple sec. Belly warmed? Order the oden tofu with nori rice balls, chestnut puree, and teriyaki cherry.

What’s one of the most common misconceptions about veganism?

"That it's just grass and salad! That it's not hearty, fulfilling, creative and most importantly, delicious."

Veggies get a bad rep… Over at Plates, Kirk and Keeley are all about improving the image of vegan cooking 🍅 They come up with fancy plates and creative concepts to elevate simple plants into something worth celebrating 🎉

Are any cuisines doing really great vegan food? And what’s your favourite dish to make when you’re cooking at home?

"I think there are lots of great chefs doing great vegan food, especially with Asian cooking since it's so adaptable. I’d make vegetable fried rice with loads of nuts and seeds."

Asian cuisine and veganism go together like churros and (vegan) chocolate 🍫 Meat is often swapped out for earthy shiitake mushrooms glazed with sticky sesame and simple noodles are tossed in peanut ginger sauces. PETA lists Singapore and Bangkok as two of the best places in Asia for vegan food 🍜

Tickled your taste buds?

To celebrate Earth Day these guys teamed up with the Natural History Museum for A Taste of Nature Cook-a-Long.

The event included advice from Kirk about sustainable eating plus the recipe for a spring risotto of asparagus, pea & mint pesto, scorched gem lettuce, and seaweed. Tap the link below for tickets.