3 Hideaway Bars


Live jazz, cuban cigars and cocktails by candlelight? Sounds alright. Try to find these hidden bars down back alleys and around old buildings. Google maps can’t help you here.


Dublin, Ireland

"Temple Bar is a tourist trap full of expensive shamrock tat and drunk Americans." True.

But walk down Crown Alley (inside Temple Bar) to find a black metal door with a tiny faded sign 'VCC'.

You’ve found the Vintage Cocktail Club - a speakeasy style bar serving the best cocktails in Ireland. (Fact).

The Bam Bar

Sofia, Bulgaria

An urban legend, Hambara, The Bam is a candlelit bar in an old printing house with no sign.

Go down the dark alleyway, it's the one that looks like a Spanish Tavern-slash-whorehouse, and bang on door 22.

Pipa Social Club

Barcelona, Spain

“Brandy and cigars?” Pretty much. Pipa Social is a pipe smokers club, two stories above the Glacier restaurant.

Ring the doorbell at street level and a barmaid will escort you up. Inside find 6 rooms decked out like a Victorian mansion and oozing with smoky jazz.