Yves Saint Laurent's Museums


‘Genius, rebel, icon, legend’

Sure the man had his personal problems (his partner famously said he was born with a nervous breakdown) but Yves Saint Laurent took women’s fashion to the next level - empowering women through his culturally intelligent designs. AND the fashion house is now making surgical masks - the legends.

These are the two cities close to YSL's heart that celebrate the designer with the chicest of museums.


Marrakech, Morocco

Saint Laurent and his partner Pierre Bergé fell in love with the Jardin Majorelle in the 60s and saved it from the clutches of greasy hotel developers.

He went back to Morocco on the regs for the rest of his life, buying a house and taking refuge from the wilds of the fashion world.

The new museum has a massive auditorium and a bookshop/research centre with over 5000 books on fashion, North African history and botanics.


Paris, France

"It is in that room that all his collections were born.”

The Parisian museum is the designer’s former studio, where he worked for 30 odd years and built up his couture house. The studio will be laid out exactly as Saint Laurent used it.

The space will also be used to house some of his most iconic collections.

Both museums will show early polaroids, sketches and prototypes of famous pieces (like the women’s tux ) and thousands of finished garments.

Yves Saint Laurent was one of the only designers to so carefully archive their work - giving us not just one but two meaty museum experiences of his work.