The Binge List: Italy


Italy’s been hit hard by COVID-19. So, in our first episode of LuckyTrip’s Binge List we thought we’d pay tribute to the land of gelato and face-size pizza…

We’re bringing you La Dolce Vita vibes with our pick of a film, book, podcast, and TV show inspired by Italy.

We know you can't travel and things are scary right now, but hopefully our binge list takes your mind off things for a bit...

It's not a trip to Italy, but it’s the next best thing to pasta 🍝

The Film

The Great Beauty

A Japanese tourist takes a picture of Fontana dell'Acqua Paola and is so overwhelmed by its beauty that they die from a heart attack...

Rome will do that to a person 😍

Paolo Sorrentino’s film, The Great Beauty, is a steamy love letter to Roma - and proof that middle-aged rich people party harder than you and your friends 🍸

Jep Gambardella is famous for writing a novel in his 20’s (he’s now 65) and being a journalist. But he’s basically a 24/7 socialite - think, rooftop carnival-style parties, lots of chain-smoking, and dapper tailoring. This guy makes Gatsby look like a teetotal amateur.

Now that he’s in his 60’s, Jep feels like he’s wasted his time being the ultimate playboy bachelor. He looks back over his life and starts to see the beauty of Rome - beyond its nightlife. Look out for beautiful shots of a morning stroll by the Tiber and a late-night walk at Via Vittorio Veneto.

The Book

Italian Neighbours

"Am I giving the impression that I don't like the Veneto? It's not true. I love it. But like any place that's become home I hate it too..."

What happens when an Englishman moves to Italy? Not the setup of a bad joke 🙄 Tim Parks wanted to escape his braggy London mates and feel mediocre somewhere else (his words, not ours.) So he moved to Verona with his pregnant wife. Sensible Tim, REAL sensible 👏

His new gaff is on a street with a statue of the Madonna at one end, and an abandoned bottle factory on the other. His neighbours play street ping pong late into the night. And a mistreated dog called Vega keeps him up. Verona does have ‘marvellous peaches’, though. So that’s something.

This is a book about Italy that isn’t written with rose-tinted glasses, but it’s still beaut. Parks learns to prune vines, evade Italian building laws, and - most importantly - he learns the correct time for a cappuccino, espresso, and aperitivo. Life's essentials.

The Podcast

The Travel Diaries: Poppy Delevigne

Holly Rubenstein has chats with interesting people about their mad travel stories… Rubenstein is a travel journalist who manages to get heavy-hitters like Sir Richard Branson and Dev Patel to tell her about the adventures that have shaped their lives.

The podcast is called The Travel Diaries and the Poppy Delevingne episode is one of the best. Mainly because she has the perfect husky podcast voice - but also because she chats about pasta bloat in Positano.

The Series

My Brilliant Friend

My Brilliant Friend is the Italian binge-fest you deserve right now 👀

It’s set in Naples and follows the friendship of two girls from their primary school days through to their sixties. It’s based on Elena Ferrante’s four novels that explore female friendships. It’s filmed in Italy and set during Naples in the 50’s - when trouble with the mafia and communists shape the girls’ lives.

Watch the entire thing in one sitting (it’s the only way) on Sky Go.

The Song


Pretty much powered by Italo Disco at this point...

Listen to Mi Amor by PLASTIC MODE for guaranteed feel-good Italian vibes.

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