Virtually There: Safari


“What did you do today?”

“I’ve been watching the Serengeti plains for eight hours now. Karula (the leopard queen) is dead and her oldest daughter, Thandi, is the true heir but an outsider called Xidulu wants the throne too. The. Drama.”🍷

In our Virtually There series we’re delivering you the wilds of Africa and street art from Buenos Aires straight to your peepers 👀 So you can pretend you’re out in the big wide world and not in your pants on the sofa.

This week is one for all the nature babies. Think virtual safaris where you can ask your guide questions and get up close with the hippos. You’ll practically need sunscreen.

“A cheeky elephant having its own pool party…”

The actual title of a WildEarth video. If that doesn’t make you want to watch, we can’t help you 🐘

These guys broadcast live safaris in South Africa for six (!) hours every day. Obvs they’ve won every award going and get featured on Nat Geo all the time.

Unlike some of the virtual tours going round at the moment - these guys have been in the biz for ages 💅 They started live streaming to help people connect with nature, without getting all up in it’s grill.

Your tour guide is an animal expert - yes they will know if a zebra is black with white stripes or white with black stripes. Watch on Twitch and you can ask them questions as they drive you about sandy lanes and watering holes.

Not convinced? WildEarth fans live for the family quarrels between The Sausage Tree Pride and have fave North Clan hyenas… We shit you not. This will become your life. Watch it here.