Hi I'm... Halkidiki


Halkidiki, Greece

All the best things in life end in ‘iki’ - tzatziki, Hawaiian tiki and… Halkidiki.

Sprawling out across two of Greece’s southern udders (yep), this leafy region is all olive groves and wild beaches.

Find both at Karydi bay. This is where Hercules came to pick up honeys on his holidays…

Two rocky capes curve into a bay on the east of Vourvourou (try saying that to the bus driver).

If you get sick of beaching (not possible, freak) Mt Athos will - literally - answer your prayers.

The hilltop monastery has views across tiny terracotta villages, craggy beaches and the mighty Holy Mount. But there’s a penis only policy… Even female animals are banned 🙅

Not to worry - it’s a free for all at Ethnik.

Souvlaki grills on the BBQ and sugar-crusted mojitos are 2-4-1 at this fairy-lit bar perched over Tristinika beach.

Expect plastic cups and hippie campers dancing in circles after one of owner Vasilis’ ‘special shots’.

If that doesn’t fill you, Mpoukadoura will. A beachside taverna with a seasonally changing menu (fancy), the Chef’s famous in these parts.

Come for her specialities like cuttlefish with ink and orzo or fresh slurpable sea urchins.

Halkidiki’s the type of place where you can bury your phone in the sand and forget that you have a career-altering meeting with Janice from accounts on Wednesday.

Go now while the weather’s steamy and the fruit’s ripe.

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