Travel RaffleTravel Raffle


Just like your school raffle…

Except the prizes are all-inclusive trips to Iceland, not stale jelly babies and plastic water pistols.

We’ve teamed up with TripHunters to bring you a travel raffle of epic proportions. Every month you'll have the chance to win a trip for two worth £500. And it's just £2 to enter. You do the math.

No win, no woz.

For every purchase TripHunters donates to Trees for the Future. They also offset all the flights they offer as prizes. Winner winner.

How does it work?

1) Head to TripHunters website and buy your ticket for the low low price of £2. That’s half a London coffee. You can spare it.

2) Next, you should knit a tiny mitten* while you wait patiently for the draw. It’s on July 7th.

3) You won! Congrats champ. You’ll get an email with all the relevant deets. Not a winner? These guys will still donate to Trees for the Future.

*We’re joking about the mitten.

Where can I go?

The key thing to know is that you’ve got a whopping 24 months to use this gift card. No rush. You take your time. We know that half the fun is to plan the plan (stole that quote from Sweeney Todd). And let’s face it, we all need something to look forward to.

Here’s a little taster of where £500 could take you (psst! We have over 400 destinations) …

The Fairytale One: Sintra

This magical town is all about bizarre castles mixed with tropical wilderness and filter-breaking natural scenery. Yes this place exists.

The Beachy One: Corfu

Corfu is mythology, culture and untamed beauty wrapped in a sun-soaked Greek island.

The Fan Favourite: Budapest

Flip a coin and pick your side. Buda’s got UNESCO charm and old-world sights sprawling down wooded hills. Ruin bars and Baroque thermal spas? SOLD.

Tell me more about them trees...

So far TripHunters has been responsible for planting 19, 800 trees. And their not done yet...

They’ve partnered with Trees for the Future. These guys are trying to end the cycle of generational poverty and clean up the environment.

Worried about the impact of a trip? They offset all their prizes too.