Hidden Kastanas Beach

Hidden Kastanas Beach

Milos, Greece

This beach looks like a giant slab of raspberry ripple ice-cream - if there'd been a leak at Wall's and every flavour and colour had rippled in by mistake.

It’s a bit of an adventure to get to Kastanas Beach - it’s away from the main villages of Milos through a large quarry, so a 4x4 is recommended for those dodgy roads…

But hot dayum it’s worth it.

The tie-dye print on the rocks is caused by some cheeky nearby volcanos, giving the beach its sunset hues.

Bring your goggles - the water’s so clear it’s like looking into an aquarium tank. Count ‘em off as you go: big fish, blue fish, red fish, shark (joke, joke).

Some folks say it’s a nudist beach, others not. But any beach is nudist if you’ve got the balls for it (don’t worry, no one’s about 👀 ).

Get a 2 hour sea jet from Santorini to Milos Island. It’s only a 10 min drive to the beach, but you’ll need GPS to find it.

Bring water and snacks cos there’s no Mr Whippys here. Sandals are recommended for the rocky sea-bed.

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