Roadtrippin' MontenegroRoadtrippin' Montenegro

Roadtrippin' Montenegro

Kotor, Montenegro

Dig out that Now 47 CD - it’s time for a good old-fashioned road trip.

With rugged coastlines, mountain ranges and historic towns, tiny Montenegro is packing heat. Rent a car to get round it all in a long weekend.

Make sure you pit stop at Dormitor National Park for mountain views and hardcore wildlife - bears, wolves and wild cats are just the start.

Ostrog Monastery was hacked out of the cliff-face half a mile above Zeta valley. Locals call it ‘Sv Vasilije’s miracle’ cos no-one understands how it was built.

The Bay of Kotor doesn’t look real. But it is. Promise.

This cove is packing island monasteries, medieval towns and fresh seafood. Plus, the water’s so blue it looks like a Smurf’s bathwater.

Giant Lake Skadar (made by the tears of a pixie, apparently) is the biggest in South Europe. It looks so much like the Land Before Time, you kindaaa expect to see a diplodocus raise its head up from the water lilies.

Montenegrin mountain farmers grow their own herbs, veg and wine, and they use every bit of the animals they farm. Pair your vranac black wine with ‘lamb under sač’ (cooked in embers in an iron pan).

Spring and summer are your best bet - it’s sunny plus, the already tasty mountain herbs and veggies get even better around now...

This one’s a keeper - hit the Lucky button then save this trip for a happier time 💚