Salt Pans of EuropeSalt Pans of Europe


There are tonnes of ways to make the white stuff (who knew), but the most scenic has to be salt pans. Sea water fills the shallow pools, then evaporates in the sun, leaving behind a delicious salty crust.

You’ll never look at table salt in the same way…

Las Salinas de Janubio

Lanzarote, Spain

Like pools of melted ice pops.

The pastel colours in Lanzarote’s biggest salt plane make it one seriously swanky looking salt factory.

Look over the salty wonders from nearby Restaurante Mirador Las Salinas, with a glass of local wine and a (well-seasoned) paella.

The Xwejni Salt Pans

Gozo, Malta

When the rocks get too salty, they form scales.

The Xwejni (no idea) Salt Pans look like a giant lizard, snoozing on the coast of Malta’s second biggest island, Gozo.

Get there early in the morning to see locals collecting salt in the same way they’ve done for 350 years.

The Ancient Salt Pans

Palermo, Italy

“Didn’t know Pablo Escobar lived in a windmill…”

Mounds of the white stuff (steady Pablo) pile up between Trapani and Masala, where salt has been made since 800 BC 😱 .

Hire a car to explore Trapani Saline Nature Reserve, fingers crossed you spot some flamingos.

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