The Czech Republic’s Devil Heads The Czech Republic’s Devil Heads


Prague, Czech Republic

“If the wind changes your face will stay like that”

These lads should’ve listened.

Čertovy Hlavy or ‘The Devil Heads’ are the creepy work of Vaclav Levy. They’re the Czech Republic’s most visited outsider artworks.

Back in the mid 1800s Levy was sent to a nearby castle to work in the kitchens. He’d never been taught how to sculpt but one day had the notion to start carving stuff into the rocks. As you do.

These ugly brutes, standing over 10 meters high were the result of his efforts. The locals are properly spooked by their dead eyes and gaping mouths 😈

You’ll find them in Kokořínsko forest, close to the city of Želízy - now known as the ‘creepiest’ place in the Czech Republic.

Follow the trail past the heads and into the forest for more of Levy’s weird sculptures.

There’s the artificial cave that he dug out for the sheer hell of it and scenes from fairytales that'll make your skin crawl.

Sure the art is freaky as fook today but back then it was genre-defining gold.

Suddenly Levy found himself out of the kitchens and off to German art school - the castle owner was his no.1 fan. He ended up in Rome living it up as a famous sculptor 🗿