£20 in... Prague £20 in... Prague

£20 IN... PRAGUE

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is an old flooszy. She’ll charm you with UNESCO castles and the iconic St. George bridge, but she’ll also get you wankered on Europe’s cheapest (and best) beer 🍻

It’s not a secret that Prague’s easy on the pocket, but just how far will £20 get you in the Czech Republic’s Capital?


“There is simply no other place in the world where you can find such a large variety of quality beers”

Believe. You could blow your £20 in one Grand Bohemian Beer Tasting with 11 of Prague’s finest brews.

But remember beer across the city costs £1- £2 a pop - embark on the the most epic pub crawl of your tiny life. Ask for a Velkopopovický Kozel or a Svijanský Rytíř 😏

It’s (just about) mild enough for Letná Beer Garden. Here it’s all about grilled sausage (£3) and views across the city.

If the weather turns head to Cross Club - a mechanical wonderland where cogs, wheels and pipes turn and shake to musical light shows. And the beer flows. Obviously.

David Černý

Arseholes and embryos?

Prague’s art scene is… progressive.

Take a peek inside David Černý’s Bumhole sculptures (outside the FUTURA Centre for Comtemporary Art) to see a video of politicians feeding each other slop to the tune of ‘We Are The Champions’.

Ahh, the subtlety of metaphor.

You’ll also find crawling babies on the TV tower, two lads pissing on each other and a soldier riding a dead horse (see above).

End the day at Meet Factory - Černý’s own club (which is also a gallery). You’ll get all these freaky things in your eyes for free.


With Prague Castle it’s all about size.

Walk past the Astronomical Clock, over St Charles Bridge and… BAM the biggest UNESCO castle complex in the world.

Renovated and modified since the 10th century, you could spend your whole trip exploring the grounds of this whopper. A day works too. Tickets start from £7.

Prague will give you all the art, history and hangovers you can stomach. You could do all the above on a tenner. Do it twice for £20, or just drink more beer.