Blue Eye SpringBlue Eye Spring

Blue Eye Spring

Saranda, Albania

“What are you looking at?”

A sapphire eye shimmers under the cherry trees, winking at people as they walk by.

22km east of Saranda (the smuggest spot on the Albanian Riviera) is the Blue Eye Spring. A natural pool with the blueyest water ever, hidden deep inside a wood.

Its turquoise shimmer seduced communist leaders - they shut it off from the public during their reign (greedy bastards). But these days the dragonflies rule.

Dip a toe in the electric blue iris of the pool before copying a local and diving in.

The shady oaks here make it the perfect picnic spot - take grilled lamb qoftë, tomato salad and a bottle of raki (fruity moonshine) for a 'restorative' snack-break...