3 Eco Adventures in... Germany3 Eco Adventures in... Germany


Heidelberg, Germany

Lars didn’t separate his cardboard coffee cup holder and his plastic salad carton...

Lars was shunned by the community ⛔

Nuclear power is being replaced with renewables, there’s a tax on ‘un-environmentally friendly’ activities, and e-car drivers get special privileges. Oh, and there’s 14 national parks to frolic in...

Green star, Germany 🍏

Here’s how to enjoy nature’s sauerkraut tumble without giving mother earth the middle finger…

E-Bike Route in Allgäu

, Germany

Middle Earth called, it wants its look back 📞

Allgäu is a wunderland of soaring snowy peaks and shimmery lakes ✨ It’s giving us LOTR screensaver vibes.

The best way to take in mother nature’s hard work is by bike 🚲 There are six Bavarian districts you can whiz round - but you’ve probs been smashing the German beer and sausage… best to stick to a couple 😤

Grab one of the e-bikes that are scattered about the route (so are the charging points) and start at Breitachklamm Canyon. It’s the deepest canyon in Central Europe and has leafy walking trails and streams all around it 🍃

Next stop is the fairytale hamlet of Oberstdorf for a view of 400 mountain peaks ⛰ By now the chafage is real but your last stop - Forggensee lake - is well worth it. Go for a lakeside picnic and a swim 🏊

Bavarian National Park Hike

, Germany

“Let nature be nature.”

Listen, they may not be the world’s most inspiring motto writers but The Bavarian National Park protect the shit out of the environment 🌳

Craggy mountains slope off into woodlands where streams trickle into grassy pastures and wolves play 🐺

Hike around the trails keeping your eyes peeled for lynxes, Ura owls, and Baloo’s fam 🐻 Head for the Baumwipfelpfad (treetop path.) It a bit like if the Gherkin in London was made of wood and surrounded by lily pad lakes and err… bears.

Make sure you hit up the information centre on your way out - it’ll tell you about all the conservation and research projects they’ve got on.


Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany

Category is: Futuristic sustainable cities… 👽

Freiburg is so eco it’s eerie. This guy had the crap bombed out of it in WWII but took the opportunity to rebuild itself as a green city 💚

Stroll around (cars are discouraged) the market town with red sandstone buildings and skittle-coloured houses 🍭

Head to the city park - Seepark - where they’ve swapped mediocre cafes and semi-threatening skate parks for a solar power centre. It creates electricity and hot water...

You’ll miss smog and litter by the end of your stay 🗑