Chasing Ljubljana's Dragons Chasing Ljubljana's Dragons


, Slovenia

Slovenia is having a moment, and we're here for it. Tadej Pogačar just won the Tour de France so we're paying homage to his homeland with a post on... er...Dragons 🐉

Bikes probs woulda made more sense tbh but here we are.

Long ago dragons ruled the marshes and caves across Europe (fact), one particularly ferocious beast hung out near the Ljubljanica river. Legend has it that a lad named Jason (lol) battled and slayed the dragon, thereby becoming the first citizen of Ljubljana.

Now you can’t escape the fire-breathing pests. Perching on top of the castle tower on the coat of arms, sitting on manhole covers and popping up on signs & statues all around the city. The dragon owns Ljubljana.

The most impressive monsters hang out on Dragon Bridge.

Find out more about Ljubljana's dragony history at the city museum's perm exhibition 🐲