The Melted Kingdom The Melted Kingdom


Reykjavik, Iceland

In summer, Iceland’s as ripe as a spaniel in heat...

But what do you do in Iceland when there's no ice?

Head to the Beach

Reynisfjara’s like a good cup of coffee… strong, black and er... salty. ☕

This dreamy black sand beach comes complete with basalt (rock) columns, exotic birds and... trolls? Yep there's some folklore tale about trolls turning to stone.

Find Hidden Hot Springs

With Iceland’s average temperature just 14 degrees at the height of summer, hot springs are always a good idea.

Flúðir Lagoon is a geothermal pool with geysers that shoot hot water in all the right places. This steamy place is one of the oldest in the country and a scramble to get to in winter.

Psst! Check ahead to see if the pool is open. *Shakes fist at Covid.*

Play with Puffins

You grew up with them on the spine of your school books but now’s your chance to see them in the (feathery) flesh.

These clowns hang out on the cliffs on the little island of Heimaey. This is the time of year when local families collect lost baby ‘pufflings’ and release them by the shore.

Get Deeper

The interior highlands (hálendið) can only be accessed when the snow melts. Leave Reykjavik and its surroundings and head deep into the country’s belly.

Pock-marked islands and Star Warsy alien rocks pop up like daisies in Lake Mývatn. Volcanoes have done their bit, leaving lava caves and crumbling craters for you to explore.

Skip the frostbite and go to Iceland now to bathe in hot springs without the brain freeze and trek through melted fjords.