5 Vegan Restaurants in London5 Vegan Restaurants in London


London, United Kingdom

Ahh London... there's nothing capital-dwellers love more than eating stuff that didn't used to have legs and eyes 👀

Here’s the 5 best places to ditch the meat in London...

Temple of Seitan

There is a place in Hackney where eating fake meat is a near-religious experience…

Temple of Seitan is where vegans go to pay their respects to the wheat-meat-Gods 🙏 Take a pew and watch as the priest-cook transforms seitan into crispy fried chicken🍗 Kinda.

Order yours with a Karma cola, chips, and a mac ‘n’ cheese to share.

Converted? Spread the word 📣


No list would be complete without the OGs of the vegan scene, Mildred’s - a restaurant with the least cool name and the most beautiful people 💅

These guys have four Pinterest-worthy sites in their signature duck-egg blue shade.

Go here for Sri Lankan curries and halloumi burgers. Follow up with peanut butter mousse cake and a three day food coma. Ideal.

222 Veggie Vegan

Vegan, but without the fuss...

There’s not a torched lettuce leaf in sight. 222 Veggie Vegan (don’t be fooled, it’s all vegan) don’t play with their food.

Order the oyster mushroom and spinach raclette and get the apple crumble with coconut whipped cream for afters. Simples.


Making a carbonara without egg yolk and parm is like eating snacks in the bath - wrong 🚫

So how does Lele’s in Dalston make is so right?! Witchcraft… and probs nutritional yeast ✨

During the day it's all about the hot chocolate that looks like delicious spewing lava - but the evening is when the pasta magic happens.

Get the spaghetti alla carbonara with crispy ‘bacon.’ It’ll make you question everything.

Black Cat Cafe

Will travel to North London just for the mayo...

Black Cat Cafe does vegan food your carnivore mate will eat 🍴

Ease them in gently with the curry and lasagne, then smother everything in herby garlic mayo.

This post is sponsored by a British cow called Oliver and a pig called Millie…