Malaga’s Haunted MansionMalaga’s Haunted Mansion


Málaga, Spain

“Game of Ouija?”


Drift off to sleep to the screams, sobs and moans of the dead. Tempting…

Málaga’s Cortijo Jurado is the kind of place that turns atheists into raving street preachers.

It’s said that the family who lived here kidnapped, tortured and murdered young girls. Pretty dark then...

Ghost hunters and foolhardy teens come armed with sleeping bags, video cameras and clenched arseholes with hopes of experiencing the paranormal happenings.

Don’t believe in ghosts? Then sit back and enjoy the eccentric architecture. This is a gothic calendar mansion - that means there’s a window for every day of the year.

It’s now under development so you’re (technically) not allowed in… But what are you more afraid of... The ghosts or the Spanish police?