3 Bone Churches3 Bone Churches

3 Bone Churches

Granny, is that you?

When the pulpit needs redecorating and the graveyards are full…

It was common in Catholic Europe to decorate your walls with a few ribcages until pretty recently, when modern prudes worried it might put people off their prayers.

Luckily there's still a few churches left with a ghoulish eye for upcycling

Capela de Ossos

Faro, Portugal

“Stop here and think of the fate that will befall you" – 1816

Cheers for that Carmelite monks. As if a church made out of skulls and bones ain’t creepy enough…

1,245 hollow heads grin from the chapel walls. Bow to the sprayed gold skeleton doing a Kanye at the front. Bling.

Kutna Hora

Prague, Czech Republic

Yep that’s a chandelier made entirely from human bones.

Urban myth suggests a monk went mad and started ‘making things’ out of skeletons. 60,000 skeletons. Can’t have had a lot of time for monking…

Visit this famously creepy church with your local guide and continue on to the medieval silver mining town of Kutna Hora (careful how you say it).

San Bernardino alle Ossa

Milan, Italy

“Look, Antonio, up there! It’s your Aunt Bia’s shin bone”

Beautiful but downright creepy, Milan's San Bernardino alle Ossa is decorated with the bones of hospital patients and people who died in prison. Skulls, femurs and vertebrae line the walls in intricate designs.

Lurrrrrrrve what you’ve done with the place.