15% off for Black November 15% off for Black November


Like an unwanted Hangover sequel, lockdown has rolled around again 🍼

So we’re giving you a little treat to banish the lockdown blues. No, it’s not a sourdough starter. We’re rebranding Black Friday as Black November... Mic drop. Because one day of deals just didn’t feel enough this year.

That discount code above? It’ll get you 15% off ALL trips booked in November, just make sure it departs after 31 March 2021 🛩 But first, a sneak peek at the deals you could get your paws on...


Explore deserted islands in Elba or wander the sun smashed streets in Dubrovnik…


Catch a melty sunset at Griffith Observatory in LA or hop on a cable car to Rio de Janeiro’s Sugarloaf Mountain…

What's Next?

Tickled your travel taste buds? Yep. You’re drooling 😋 So here’s what you’ve gotta do next…

1) Open your app or hit the Lucky button below to start searching for your dream trip. Make sure you choose dates from April 2021 onwards.

2) Psst! The 15% discount price won’t automatically show.

3) Choose the trip you want and head to the checkout. Whack in your discount code and watch the money fall off.

4) Knit some fingerless gloves for the neighbours dog while you wait for 2021*

* this step is optional but advised 🐩