The Binge List: PolandThe Binge List: Poland


Warsaw, Poland

In this episode we’re heading to a place where the pierogies are pillowy and the vodka is made with bison grass…

You can’t stroll round the gothic castles right now. But you can binge on our pick of a film, book, podcast, TV show, and song inspired by Poland.

The Film

Corpus Christi

A priest who has sex, headbutts people, and is partial to drugs. Oh and he looks like a young Christopher Walken...

Take me to church.

Daniel is a 20-year-old Polish convict who’s just finished serving time for a crime we don’t hear about (until later). He decides he wants to join the clergy but they don’t accept ex-crims. Shocker.

Not a hurdle for Daniel, who decided to fake it till he makes it. He tells a woman he’s a priest and before you can say “imposter” he’s wearing a cassock and swigging communion wine.

This Polish drama is directed by Jan Komasa and written by Mateusz Pacewicz. But it’s lead actor Bartosz Bielenia’s super intense eyes that’ll stop you from sleeping.

The Book

On the Road to Babadag

Author Andrzej Stasiuk travels across his native Poland through tiny towns and forgotten villages, hitching rides, sailing, and busing his way round. He’s not a fan of big cities - “a city in a trip is a disaster”- and exists mostly on cigarettes and beer…

A big lockdown mood.

He’s been compared to Kerouac for his free-spirited (read: unplanned) approach to travel. Because he sticks to the outskirts, the book deals mainly with legends and fables. Charming stuff.

The Podcast

Notes From Poland

In this episode of Notes From Poland, the editor, Stanley Bill, talks to Juliette Bretan (journalist specialising in Polish culture) about the inter-war years. It’s a deep dive into Polish pop culture in the 20s and 30s. Think music, cinema and movie stars.

Good times.

The Series


Henry Cavill (AKA Superman) prances around in too tight leather trousers mumbling incoherently…

But somehow Witcher is completely bingeable.

It’s a Polish-American fantasy series about a monster hunter called Geralt who is paid to save people from beasts. But it usually ends up with him siding with the ‘monsters’ and getting into scraps with people instead. It’s based on the books by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski.

The Song

Misery Masovian Blues by Warsaw Village Band

“Ummm is she hitting that piece of wood with spoons?”

Warsaw Village Band are from - you guessed it - Warsaw. They give super tradish Polish folk music a boho makeover. Think flowy dresses, violin solos, and instruments you’ve never heard of.

Wholesome fun.

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