Sustainable Eats in Skåne, Southern SwedenSustainable Eats in Skåne, Southern Sweden


Skåne County, Sweden

The rest of us might just be waking up to sustainable eating but Skåne in Southern Sweden is like…

“That old thing? We’ve been doing that since you were a twinkle in your dad’s winkle.”

Fluffy forests hide lakes that are bluer than the Na'vi (an Avatar reference. Keep up kids) and the houses look like gingerbread cottages. Skåne isn’t called the pantry of Sweden for no reason. It’s 400 kilometres of coastline are full of fish and the fertile farmland is ideal for growing veggies, livestock, and wine… well, grapes that turn into wine.

Here are the best bits of Skåne to feast on...

Psst! It won’t be long before you’re drooling and desperate to visit Skåne - relax. Skip to the end and hit the Lucky button if you’re sold.


Båstad is Skåne's answer to Cornwall. It’s perched by the sea with crumbly cliffs and rolling fields to rival Poldark…

It’s also punching way above its weight.

This tiny slice of Sweden has tons of great restaurants. Everybody goes to Sand, but we like our food with a side of supermodel nature so you're headed to what looks like Gatsby’s summer pad. Norrviken Gardens has seven landscaped lawns where Koi carp splash in ponds and peacocks strut about.

Inside Villa Abelin you’ll find the Orangeriet restaurant and the more laid back Orangeriet">Salamander Cafe. Choose either. Both serve up sustainable eats grown in the greenhouses around the grounds. There’s a grilled red onion dish with roasted hazelnut and mint which will bring you to tears. In the best way.

Hiding behind the Villa are beehives where thousands of bees live. You can buy some of their liquid gold (honey, if you want to get all technical) at the shop.

Kullaberg Peninsula

Kullaberg Peninsula is proof that Mother Nature’s a show-off...

Massive slabs of craggy cliffs fall away into the sea and in the forests, you’ll spot wild boar and roe deer. Feels like the Bambi soundtrack could start playing at any moment.

Once you’ve worked up an appetite exploring the hidden sea caves and sandy coves, you’re off to take a deep dive into the food scene. First up is the harbourside cafe, Brandstation. It looks like the last outpost during a zombie apocalypse - but in a chic Scandi way. Stop for a brew and to admire the adorable fishing village of Mölle.

It’s a 10-minute drive to your next stop, or you can walk it. Yes, it takes an hour and 20 minutes BUT it’s all quiet roads squished between rolling fields. Arild’s Vineyard is a vino soaked dream. All their wines are environmentally friendly and use grapes that don’t need spraying.

Thatched roof. Gingham tablecloths. Pond. Peach trees…

Flickorna Lundgren På Skäret is more wholesome than a basket of puppies. It’s tucked away in another fishing village a 40-minute walk from the vineyard. The menu changes daily depending on what’s growing in the greenhouse. Go for the healthy option, a heap of fresh prawns sitting on a seasonal salad.

Or just get a plate of the homemade cakes. No judgment.


You will leave Malmö significantly poorer and heavier. Embrace it.

This is Skåne's largest city and it’s a delicious Smörgåsbord of sustainable eats. Strap in. Your day begins at a 17th-century coffee house. Lilla Kafferosteriet’s reclaimed furniture and terracotta building are delicious, but the coffee is better.

These guys source their award-winning beans from western Ethiopia, they then travel through the Arabian Peninsula, and finally get roasted in small batches in Sweden.

For lunch, you won’t do better than Far i Hatten. This organic cafe grows its own produce… on the roof. It’s a proper community spot with DJ sets on the weekend and a vegetarian lunch menu. For a light meal get the cheese with crispbreads and Bokelund honey, or go all out with a wood-fired pizza.

Lyran is your best bet for evening eats. Here, the ingredients are sourced from local farmers, cheesemakers, hunters, and fishermen. Dishes are kept seasonal and light with an ever-changing menu depending on what’s been caught, picked, or foraged. Previous menus have included stuff like hook-caught fish from the North Sea, almond potatoes, birch saw elixir (us neither), and eco-eggs.

Close to Trelleborg

Way back in 1971, Rolf Axel (there isn’t a cooler name, we looked) bought this farm. He raised his pigs on a veggie diet and let them roam about in nature. This eventually became Ängavallen’s, “farm to fork” philosophy. As you’re strolling around you’ll see the Forest sheep, Linderöds pigs, and Red Hill cows.

Which brings us to dairy. Instead of separating cows from their calves immediately after calving like other dairy farmers, at Ängavallen they let them stay together for as long as they want. Which is usually about 6 months. Still longer than any of our relationships. PLUS milking happens in the presence of the calf and is shared between the farm and calf. N’awww.

Not enough beaut nature? There’s also a landscaped herb garden with over 60 different organic spices and herbs. You win, Ängavallen. You win.

Sold? When we’re allowed out again, Skåne is an easy flight away from the UK. Either fly to Copenhagen and take The Bridge (yes the one from the TV show) or head to Gothenburg and hop on a train or drive down in around 3 hours. Simples.

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