Virtually There: Arty MuseumsVirtually There: Arty Museums


“Today Norbert (my virtual guide) and I looked at portraiture together and discussed the merits of introspective art…”

“Lockdown’s changed you.”

In our Virtually There series we’re bringing Frida’s digs and Rembrandt’s mug straight to your peepers. So you can pretend you’re swanning round Europe’s arty museums and not batch baking banana bread.

This week we’re getting our culture on and taking guided tours of museums. Normally you’d have to sell a kidney to see this stuff without the crowds. But now it’s totally free.

Museo Nacional Thyssen-Bornemisza is Madrid’s big dog museum for European artlovers. Usually the crowds here are lose-a-rib-crazy so make the most of your private guided tour.

Rembrandt was the Kanye of the portraiture world - he created an ‘enormously high’ number of self- portraits - but this is the first time an exhibition has focussed on just his smug face. Portrait and history smooshed together sound boring? Rembrandt was no square. This guy loved pulling funny faces and wearing costumes for his portraits. Lad.

"I hope the exit is joyful - and I hope never to return...”

Frida Kahlo is the floral headband wearer, unibrow trendsetter, master artist, and OG activist that we want to be when we grow up. In this museum walkabout you can see the Blue House where she lived, worked, and died in Coyocoan, Mexico City.

The Vatican Museum has the kind of frescoes that’ll make you weep. The Profane Museum is as deep as it sounds. There’s gold errrywhere and the kind of swirly marble that says, “I’m rich.” Obvs you’ll have to check out the Sistine Chapel, but Raphael’s Room is just as incredible and a bit less intimidating.

Yes, it’s possible to be intimidated by a virtual chapel.

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