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We figured when lockdown does end you'd want a supercharged spa day...

Cannabidiol is found in cannabis 🌿 It comes from the hemp plant (marijuana plant’s cuz) and does not cause a high. So stop saying you have the munchies 🙄

Here’s four CBD spas where you can take your wellness regime to new heights…


Los Angeles, United States

The Ritz Carlton

Listen, anywhere that says it’ll rub you down with ‘age-defying crystals’ and ‘champagne seeds’ is a guaranteed good time 🍾

The Ritz Carlton is as LA as it gets. Come to their spa for the CBD Healing Massage 💆 After a personal consultation you’ll get a drop of CBD tincture under your tongue and a full-body massage. Your usual oils are swapped out for activated hemp products.

Or you can get the CBD Pedicure 💅 Starts with a CBD infused bath bomb - lavender or citrus - then an exfoliating salt scrub and CBD oil.

Cornwall, United Kingdom

The Natural Health Spa at Budock Vean Hotel

“I want to be wrapped up in CBD like a massive marijuana burrito…. Can you arrange that?”

The Natural Health Spa in Cornwall is here to make your CBD dreams come true 🌯 The ‘Body Wrap’ is an eco-friendly sheet that’s been soaked in CBD oil and Himalayan salt mix.

It supposed to treat skin disorders and chronic pain in joints… and make you look like a seasoned ham 🐷

San Francisco, United States

The Remède Spa

If the saltwater infinity pool and eucalyptus steam room aren’t enough to de-stress you, The Remède Spa has a CBD experience up their sleeve.

The Love & Haight treatment is a rub down with hot CBD oil 👐 It’s supposed to make you super calm and has pain-relieving effects…. At the very least you’ll be hella tingly.

London, United Kingdom

Glow Bar

“Shhhhh mommy needs her calming coffee…”

CBD croissants and CBD-infused ‘Moon Milk’... breakfast just got real chill 😊 Glow Bar has private infrared saunas and a dreamy pastel cafe, but the real attraction is their menu.

Post-pamper sesh smash a CBD cardamom latte and vegan croissant with pistachio frangipane and 5mgs of CBD oil ☕ Monday morning - sorted.