Arctic Snow Hotel Arctic Snow Hotel


Lapland, Finland

All you have to do to get here is climb inside your wardrobe and walk through to the other side…

Even in Narnia this place would be special.

The Arctic Snow Hotel and Ice Igloos are what winters are made for…

Built with fresh snow every year and fitted with ice sculptures and snow-art, the hotel has to be kept at 0-5° to prevent the dreaded melt.

But you won’t be cold - rooms come complete with reindeer furs and thermal sleeping bags.

The best way to stay warm?

Hello sauna made from billions of sparkly snowflakes. The snow sauna is a cave-like room filled with billowing steam which creates ‘a magical feeling of relaxation’.

They’ve also got the average-joe’s wooden saunas for prudes.

Not your vibe?

Step into the outdoor hot tub where you can look up at the Northern Lights as you sip on a cocktail from the ice bar.

Make like Pingu and have an igloo for your home by booking here.