6 UK Staycations for 20216 UK Staycations for 2021


2021 wasn’t supposed to start like this. It’s let us down like a saggy training bra.

BUT there is light at the end of the tunnel… no, it’s not a train… it’s UK staycations.

We’ve rounded up six of our fave accommodations in the UK. So you can have a close-to-home holiday later in the year (c-who-shall-not-be-named permitting).

Wild Strawberry

Somerset, United Kingdom

A magical adult treehouse... That means a coffee machine, spenny bedsheets, and rolling Somerset countryside.


Wild Strawberry is like the treehouse your parents would build you… if they were award-winning architects. It’s got a cosy breakfast nook that overlooks the stream (yep, there’s a stream) AND a walk-in shower with a tree trunk reaching in from outside.

The bed is king-size, the Wi-Fi is strong, and the location’s beaut. Shop on the cobbles at nearby Catherine Hill, get coffee beans and cereal at Denude, or try the home-cooked food at The Seven Stars.

Seaside Escape

Whitstable, United Kingdom

Smashing through oysters at the seaside? Definitely not the worst way to holiday in 2021.

Whitstable is an old-school charmer. It’s fanatic about fish and bursting at the seams with quaint little boozers. You’ll be staying a shingle throw from Grain and Hearth Bakery, The Twelve Taps, and Windy Corner Cafe. Do them all.

Your digs for the night are modern and homey.


Brighton, United Kingdom

“It’s like someone vomited a rainbow… I LOVE IT”

The room’s are batshit crazy. There are leopard print bedspread, sunken beds, and psychedelic artwork. Breakfast is served in the cheerful dining room, where nothing matches. You’ve found your people.

You’re only a short stagger from Brighton Pier and The Lanes too.


Powys (in Wales), United Kingdom

The name Sylvana tells you everything you need to know about this place. It’s a gorgeous woodsy cabin that looks like a forest nymph.

Snuggle up round the fire pit or explore the forest trails. This home is a hyggle hug and it sleeps two. There’s also a porch where you can drink vino, smoke a pipe, and work on using a spittoon.

Wholesome vibes.

Riverside Cabin

Reading, United Kingdom

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that we’re cabin people. Wrapped up in a woody womb? Toasting smores? Smashing Scrabble boards? It’s who we are now.

This one is a goodie. It’s got a snooker table in the massive living room - so you know it means business. It’s also sitting pretty by the water and has a copper roll-top bathtub.

The outside area is one of the nicest things about this place. There’s decking for alfresco eats and a rope swing for… well, whatever mad shit you’re into. Sleeps 4.

Cattle Call

Staffordshire, United Kingdom

Your only neighbours will be cows and sheep and you’ll spend evenings stargazing from the wood-fired hot tub…. Yep, Cattle Call is a pocket rocket in the Staffordshire countryside.

Our fave bit? Probs the allotment where you can pick your own salad and eat on the patio. There’s also a woodburner and freshly laid eggs for brekkie.

Inside it’s super cosy and modern, with a decent kitchen area, luxe bathroom, and twinkly fairy lights. You deserve this.