Virtually There: Street Art TourVirtually There: Street Art Tour


Buenos Aires, Argentina

“It has been nearly two years that I’ve worn a moustache everyday… it helps me to be an artist”

After being in lockdown this long, it makes total sense that Kashink - a female french artist - draws on a thin little tash and then goes to spray paint walls.


In our Virtually There series we’re delivering you the wilds of Africa and street art from Buenos Aires straight to your peepers. So you can pretend you’re out in the big wide world and not in your pants on the sofa.

This week we’re going on a street art tour and checking out some virtual exhibitions. You’ll basically be inhaling the paint fumes, you’re that close to the action.

“Shhhh! I’m trying to listen to the walls...”

Google’s Art Project takes you to The Talking Walls of Buenos Aires and alt-street art exhibitions in Granada.

You can choose a ‘walking’ audio tour narrated by a guy who sounds like Chris Traeger from Parks and Rec. Or, check out an exhibition and watch a day in the life artist vid.

Google has really hooked us up. The videos are all super high quality and the commentary tells you about the artists and their inspo. The best bit? They’ve made graffiti into GIFs. You’ll waste hours watching the running bear one.

Kick things off with The Talking Walls of BA series. Watch the La Boca neighbourhood one if you prefer your street art gritty and full of social critiques. But if you’re a fan of massive murals in rainbow colours, the Villa Crespo episode is for you.

Or go completely rogue and freestyle, zooming in on the world map to get street art from your fave cities in your eyeballs. Click the link for Art Attack realness, for adults.

This one’s a keeper - hit the Lucky button then save this trip for a happier time 💚