Swimming CopenhagenSwimming Copenhagen

Swmming Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhageners love getting their toes wet - the city is flooded with harbour pools, sea baths and urban beaches (and loads of ‘em are freeeeee)

Here’s LuckyTrip’s guide to swimming your way around Copenhagen…

Kastrup Sea Bath

Kastrup, fondly known as ‘the snail’ for its cutesy spirals, is the looker of the bunch. Made out of an african wood that is harder than steel and never rots (watch yer back, Wolverine), this amazing 750 square-metre conch has views over the seas to Sweden.

Head to Femøren for free sunbathing, swimming and even kayaking.

Islands Brygge

This is the heavy-hitter of Copenhagen’s harbour pool scene. The first and still the most popular, Islands Brygge is open from June until the end of August and has food vans, ice cream and music at night. It’s kind of like a giant house party, but everyone’s invited and swimwear is obligatory.

Head to Islands Brygge 14 for free entry to the pool. If Islands Brygge is too full of other humans, pop across the harbour to its quieter neighbour Fisketorvet.

Sluseholmen Harbour Bath

If you’re prone to seasickness, give Sluseholmen a miss - this harbour bath floats on the waves. Locals say it looks like the coral reef (pushing it, but suuure), so they call it the coral bath. Less busy than its chums, you can take full advantage of its swimming pool and diving area. Or, y’no, just belly flop in.

Follow directions to Ben Websters Vej 69 (free entry).

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