Europe's Tiniest TownsEurope's Tiniest Towns


If these towns were people they’d constantly be getting their cheeks pinched by over-familiar aunties…

These pocket-size pieces of Europe are adorabley small and barely have any people living in them - which makes them sorta secret and special.

Here’s where you can find Europe’s real life toytowns…

Hum, Croatia

, Croatia

Population: 30

“Even the smallest person can change the course of the future...”

We like to think that Hum is a huge LOTR fan and whispers this to itself everyday. Hum is the world’s smallest town (so it says) and has just 30 people living there.

It’s basically one street that does a big loop inside crumbly ancient walls. The legend goes that the giants who built Istria used there last few stones to make Hum. CUTE.

Humska Konona is a homey little place serving simple fresh food, worth stopping at while you’re here.

Alberobello, Italy

, Italy

Population: 10, 735

“Alberobello? Al-ber-o-bello? Not ringing any… OH YEAH! The place where roofs look like nipples!”

The people of Alberobello prefer ‘ancient trullo buildings with a conical shape’ to ‘hard-pointy-nipple house.’ But anyway, these hilltop stone huts are dreamy.

The entire town is a UNESCO World Heritage site - come in summer when the locals put fuschia plant pots out and ivy creeps all over the limestone walls.

The architecture is the big dog attraction but make sure you stop at Trullo Antichi Sapori - a little artisan store selling local cheeses and meats. You’ll want to hit up La Lira Focacceria for the sandwich of dreams, then finish your trip with a tasting at Paco Wines Eno-Winery.

Interlaken, Switzerland

, Switzerland

Population: 5, 319

You’re free falling for about 45 seconds - feels like hours - then your parachute deploys and you swirl down towards twisty lakes, alpine forests, and timber houses. Welcome to Interlaken…

Switzerland’s tiny town looks quaint and cosy but is actually an adventure sports haven.

Get involved in sledging, kayaking, and mountain hikes.

Vernazza, Italy

, Italy

Population: 852

Rainbow houses cling to a jagged hillside that drops off into the WKD-blue sea… Yep, Cinque Terre is probs one of most beautiful spots on the Italian Riviera.

Most of the fishing villages along here are crammed full of tourists - but there’s one where just 852 people live. Vernazza is a steep and rugged spot - ideal for shaking off the crowds.

There are the same skittle-coloured houses, gelaterias, and sandy beaches - but also a natural harbour, authentic trattorias, and secret hikes.