Berlin: Open Air Drinking

Berlin: Open Air Drinking

Berlin, Germany

There’s never a bad time to go out in Berlin. The beer’s cheap, the clubs exceptional and new places pop open every day.

But in the summer something magic happens. Sun shines into all the dark corners and the brooding, industrial feel is swapped for bright roof terraces and Biergartens. Locals ditch their black clothes and head for the river banks.

Here’s 5 places to drink and dance in summertime Berlin.

1. Club der Visionaere


This place is outdoor decking and river boats by day, twinkling fairy lights and techno by night.

A perfect ‘day-two’ chill-out spot to sink beers under the willow tree, then go downstairs when you’re ready to dance again.

Free or 5 euros (depending on what’s on.)



Else is the outdoorsy sister of nightclub Salon zur Wilden Renate. (A weirdo fun-house covered in taxidermy and disco balls.) Poking out from under the Elsenbrücke Bridge, ELSE has all the mad colours, and home-made decorations… but it’s outside. Score.

Dance on the sunny terrace, or under the wooden clubhouse decking. Free to enter.

3. Badeschiff


An oldie but a goodie, Baseschiff is the outdoor bit of heavyweight techno club Arena. It’s Berlin’s version of a beach party, but, like, mit uber-nice music because you’re in Berlin, ja?

Right on the river Spree, you can swim, do yoga, paddleboard or slump in a deckchair with a beer.

It's €5.50 for a day pass.

4. House of Weekend


The name's correct- this is EXACTLY where to spend the weekend.

Right at the top of a soviet tower block, over- looking Alexanderplatz is this leafy roof garden.

Come for dinner and drinks, then head inside for techno and deep house. €5 entry.

5. Monkey Bar


Giant pot plants and a jungly vibe fit for Louis King of the Apes, Monkey Bar nails the day-time, night-time segway.

Go for craft cocktails, tasty bar snacks, and panoramic views of Berlin all the way round.

Free entry, top floor of the 25Hr hotel.