Fan Favourites: 10 Summer StaysFan Favourites: 10 Summer Stays


The people have spoken...

They spoke a lot about Bridgerton and espresso martinis (lockdown 3, ey?) but they also spilled the beans about their fave UK stays.

We’ve bundled together a bunch of the places you’ve been loving on over the last 12 months to give you some closer to home inspo for a holiday this summer (restrictions permitting)...

Floating Tree Sphere

Dorset, United Kingdom

That tree house your mum and dad knocked together from your old fence? This majestic floating orb makes that look like child’s play.

Tucked away in the Dorset countryside your grown-up treehouse is kitted out with mains power, heating and hot water. There are great views, woodlands to walk in, and your neighbours are fluffy deer. You’re also a 20-minute drive from Bournemouth.

The Old Apple Store

Lee, United Kingdom

The Old Apple Store? Makes you think of crumply grandpas and home-brewed cider…

This ain’t that.

This is a swanky barn conversion with a cedar-clad hot tub, Smart TV, Bluetooth speaker with a docking station, and a wood-burning stove. Plus the WiFi’s super fast. You’ll be staying in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, a short stroll from the pub.


Powys, United Kingdom

Emerging from lockdown with your fellow hunker-downers does not mean you’re ready to give up the cosy life.

We get that.

Sylvana is a Welsh cwtch - means hug - of a cabin. Think, cosy clad interior and a veranda with rocking chairs and fairy lights. Ideal for snuggling up and drooling over this pretty corner of Wales.

Psst! This stay is fully refundable.

The Little Hop House

Cotswolds, United Kingdom

Adorable name? Check. Adorable village? Also check. Cosy inside and sunny terrace outside…

Ladies and gents. IT’S A FULL HOUSE.

This is a 250-year old building that’s been restored to Arch Digest-levels of brilliant. You’ll be staying in the picture perfect village of Gamlingay, which has two pubs, a cafe, and a farm shop. You’re also within driving distance of Cambridge.

The Magic Treehouse

Ceredigion, United Kingdom

We don’t have favourites…

But let’s just say if this magical treehouse was our child, it could eat all the ice cream it wanted.

This doesn’t have any business being in Wales. It looks more like something you’d find at a swanky Balinese resort. We’re talking outdoor shower, pebbly bathroom floor, and curving struts in the bedroom. Sleeps two.

Psst! This stay is fully refundable.


Cornwall, United Kingdom

Annedh is on Goonwinnow Farm…

It’s like they were trying to get the highest Scrabble word ever with these names.

Anyway. You might be on a farm but forget about mucking out or rustic decor. This super-king suite is chic and velvet and we don’t think it’s ever seen mud. She fancy. Take a ramble round the seven acres of gardens, have a cocktail by the fire, or hop in the chromotherapy shower… it’s big enough for two. Steady.

Psst! This stay is fully refundable.

Faerie World

Bath, United Kingdom

It’s like the Faerie World in Bath knew that the past year would be an absolute shitshow.

It’s set up to soothe your worries and make you (almost) forget about all the banana bread you tortured. Outside there’s a rope fence and flower garden in full bloom. Have morning coffees on the deck, pen letters to your lover in the drawing-room, or crochet by the fire...

This is your Jane Austen fantasy.

Psst! This stay is fully refundable.


Cornwall, United Kingdom

Newquay is a surfer’s wet dream (work’s on SO many levels) so we figured you’d want a cosy corner to come back to after being tossed about by waves.

Meet Leti. She’s a former dairy building with modern comfy furnishings, a massive bed, and a roll-top bathtub.

We think you’ll like Leti.

Psst! This stay is fully refundable.

Forest Hut

Milford and Sea, United Kingdom

There are basic bitch cabins in the woods with horror film vibes… and then there is The Forest Hut.

Inside is great - there’s an actual swanky bathroom with brass taps and everything. BUT the outside? Hold the feckin press. It’s spectacular. Stargaze from the hot tub with a full bodied red in hand or grill sausages over the firepit.

Come morning follow the stream and explore Lymore New Forest or head into Milford and Sea for morning lattes and sugary carbs.

Psst! This stay is fully refundable.

Potters Retreat

The Lake District, United Kingdom

Hot tub. Parking. A short distance from pubs.

Potters Retreat is giving the people what they want. Head into town for pubs (The Flying Pig), shopping (Love the Lakes), and eats (Porto). Then it's back to this cosy, leafy pad for pruning in the tub.