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Cornwall : Photo Book

Cornwall, United Kingdom

Calling Cornwall attractive is like saying we’ve only watched the video of Tom Hardy reading bedtime stories once…

An UNDERSTATEMENT, people. A massive understatement.

It’s not hard to snap a decent pic here, but we’ve all seen the beach at St Ives 1035068 times. We’re bringing you the low-key spots for original content that your feed and followers will thank you for.

Golden Hour

St Michael’s Mount rises out of the water like Poseidon’s sea palace. And in Newquay, you’re guaranteed miles of sandy beaches and waves the size of flats (kinda).

You’ll want to get yourself to the beach and harbour at dusk when the sun is a bit melty and golden hour is settling in. Standard shots become moody cinematic masterpieces. Hello, Testino 👋

Retro Seaside

Want to see spilled Skittle seafronts and retro ice-cream shacks? Sure you do. So does the world 🌍 Bude and St Ives are full of faded pastel colours that make tasty pics and have Wes Anderson vibes.


These spots are a little trickier to get to, the pay-off? Mother nature’s best bits are on display without a crowd 📸 St Nectans Glen looks like the kind of place pixies bathe, The Mines of Botallack is straight out of Middle Earth, and Cape Cornwall doesn’t have a bad angle.


Show me a harbour and some boats and I'll show you a Nikon and a tripod. The sea is catnip for Insta wankers. Don't follow the sheeple 🐑 Point your lens the other way and get a load of these thatched roofs and flower gardens in your peepers.

St Ives Shopfronts

Elbow your way through the crowds taking pictures of their ice creams and head to some St Ives gems 💎 Yallah Coffee Kiosk, Rum and Crab Shack, and the St Ives Bakery look good whatever the weather.

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Psst! We’ve picked our fave staycation spots in Bude, Sennen, and Newquay for a summer holiday in the UK.

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