Lucky10: 10% Off All Trips Lucky10: 10% Off All Trips


Let's pop our post-lockdown travel cherry together 🍒

We figured you'd need a little treat as we finally emerge - blinking and dishevelled - into the post-lockdown light. How does 10% off your first trip back with us sound?

DAS RIGHT. We're giving you 10% off your first trip departing after June 21st. Make like Sonic and be speedy booking your dream trip so you don’t miss out 🦔

We also offer COVID-19 Refund Protection which keeps your moolah safe. Just get searching, find your dream trip, and punch in code LUCKY10 at checkout. Simple sauce.

What's Next?

Tickled your travel taste buds? Yep. You’re drooling 😋 So here’s what you’ve gotta do next…

1) Open your app or hit the Lucky button below to start searching for your dream trip. Make sure you choose dates departing after June 21st 2021.

2) Psst! The 10% discount price won’t automatically show.

3) Choose the trip you want and head to the checkout. Whack in your the code LUCKY10 and watch the money fall off.

4) Knit some fingerless gloves for the neighbours dog while you wait for your holiday*

* this step is optional but advised 🐩