Post Lockdown: Culture PickPost Lockdown: Culture Pick


London, United Kingdom

• The pub. Every day. Forever.
• Never cook at home again
• Dates. All the dates. But not on Zoom… in fact *smashes laptop*

Putting together a bucket list? We’re here to suggest a side of culture to go with all the pints.

The Old Royal Naval College is the shiny cherry on the fat iced bun that is the Maritime Greenwich site. Walk in the footsteps of Chris Hemsworth, drool over Britain’s answer to the Sistine Chapel, and enjoy being outside your flat and in a Baroque masterpiece.

Yes, there’s a pub too.

Psst! Book tickets in advance to nab a post-lockdown spot. The Painted Hall opens 17th May and the ground are open from April 12th.


The Old Royal Naval College has a better agent than Meryl Streep. And the woman’s won three Oscars.

Empire Magazine described it as “the most famous filming location in the world”. Makes total sense. This guy has been featured in Les Mis, The Crown, Thor, and Avengers Assemble.

But some of our faves are The Dark Knight Rises. Remember that bit where Alfred sees Bruce and Selina in a cafe in Florence? And you cried for a week? Yeah, that was shot here. Similarly iconic is the moment in Skyfall where M attends a funeral. AND in the King’s Speech it was used as an air-raid shelter.

There are guided film tours here every weekend at 11:30 and 1:30 pm from May onwards.


“Outstanding universal value”...

Sounds like something your mum would say when your self-esteem’s taken a battering. Actually, this is how UNESCO describes the Old Royal Naval College. So you know it’s good.

Back in the day, this site was home to swanky Greenwich Palace - which was Henry VIII’s fave Royal residence. You can still spy a little slice of the palace in the King Willian Undercroft. Years later the classical buildings were built to form the Royal Hospital for Seamen.

The maritime vibes continued when the Old Royal Naval College was built. It became world-famous for its training. But eventually, the site became an independent charity dedicated to conserving the crumbly old bits and showing off the Baroque domes.


The Painted Hall is the real MVP here.

It was supposed to be a dining room for the naval pensioners, but after a massive painting was plastered on the walls it was waaayy too good for the oldies. Instead, it became a ceremonial dining room.

It’s been called Britain’s Sistine Chapel… don’t @ us Rome. The 4,000 square metre painting was done between 1701 and 1726. It tells the story of the victory of Protestantism over Catholicism. But don’t let the religious war vibes put you off. This is Italy without the airmiles.

Psst! The Painted Hall is open 10am - 5pm daily. Book tickets for this, and filming tours, in advance to nab a post-lockdown spot 💚