Travel's BACK (back again)

And you thought nothing would top Harry Styles on the cover of Vogue in a Gucci ballgown. But something EVEN better is coming...

🥳 THE RETURN OF TRAVEL 🥳 Imagine the gif of Jonah Hill screaming. That is us right now.

Keep reading for a breakdown of when you can go on holiday, where you should be going, and 10% off all trips with code LUCKY10

Key dates

These dates are now more important than your anniversary, birthday, and mates wedding day. Combined.

UK Trips

First up, let’s keep it local and talk all things domestic. What do we mean by that? We mean UK staycations - you know the sort. Eating Wine Gums in the car, pints in pub gardens (April 12th) and windswept coastal walks.

These bad boys are coming back from April 12th (if all goes well) BUT you can book now to avoid disappointment. Check out 5 Unique Places to Stay and Glamping Spots for Summer for some staycation inspo.

International Trips

So you’ve missed the thermal pools in Iceland? The beaches in Beefa? And the sizzling seafood in Valencia? International travel is a-go from May 17th (cross your fingers, toes, and eyeballs).

BUT you can book now for future dates and be covered by our Covid Refund Guarantee. It keeps your money safer than a goblin at Gringotts. Click the link for all the deets. Then hit the Lucky button at the bottom of the page to start searching.

Travel treat

Let's pop our post-lockdown travel cherry together 🍒

Right now we are giving you 10% off all trips - just to celebrate and say thanks for sticking with us in this tough time. You da best.

All you have to do is whack the code LUCKY10 in at checkout for any trips departing after June 21st.