Spring Clean the Soul Spring Clean the Soul

Spring Clean the Soul

Spring is peeking out from behind the soggy winter days. When the world reopens don't lose the weekend sleeping off hangovers and comedowns.

Dust off bad karma and give your chakras a deep clean with these 3 weird wellness retreats…

Goat Yoga

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

That's right, goat yoga is a thing. Head to Ridammerhoeve Goat Farm just outside Amsterdam for a piece of the action.

Choose your furry partner and head to the hay barn for yoga, while your little goaty friend climbs on your back and nibbles at you. Apparently interaction with the goats makes your body produce happy hormones. 100% sold.

Womb Swim

Gran Canaria, Spain

Wish you were a thumb-sucking fetus again? There’s a spa for that. Crawl into the ‘womb room’ in Gran Canaria’s Lopesan resort.

Warm, wet and red (just like a real womb), float in healing waters as relaxing music flows through the walls.

'Fuck It' Yoga

Adriatic Riviera, Italy

Wombs and goats not your bag? Then ‘fuck it’ - go to Italy with these guys to give life’s niggles the finger.

Choose a retreat to combat stress, fear or emotional baggage. It’s like yoga with tourettes.