Under Two Hours from LondonUnder Two Hours from London

Under Two Hours from London

The windows are down, you've got a pasty in one hand, and your playlist is exclusively made up of questionable road trip tunes...

This is the start of your great British holiday.

We’ve found five beaut spots under two hours from London by car. Delays not included in the time… @ the roadworks complaints department, not us.


Rainbow streets. Sea. Slot machines.

Brighton is a lighthouse leading you home... You’re the ship in this analogy 🛳 This seaside resort is an all-rounder on the southern coast of England.

We can’t guarantee good weather, but good times? Absolutely. Stroll round The Lanes for shopping and head to iO Gallery for local art. For evening eats you can’t do much better than the mezze feast at The Constantinople.

Drive from London to Brighton in an hour and 45 minutes.


Cobbled streets twist round cafes stuffed with books and the dreamy college buildings are straight out of a fairytale...

Cambridge is all about coffee-shop crawls and classy cocktail bars. Start at Espresso Library or Bould Brothers, then head to Relevant Records, and finish with poutine at Bread and Meat You’re practically in Canada 🍁

Drive from London to Cambridge in an hour and a half.


A big ass cathedral, Middle Age leftovers, and timber-framed houses…

Canterbury is always the bridesmaid and never the bride. And that just ain’t right 👰 This city is often overlooked which means it’s a bit more chilled than some of the other spots on this list. But it’s still packing epic eats - Pork & Co - and culture - The Marlowe Theatre and a Norman castle.

Get here in an hour and 40 minutes from London.


If it’s good enough for her Madge… 👑

Windsor is for living your best (fantasy) life. Swan about the streets like a regular royal and discover the town built by William the Conqueror. Adorable boutiques line the totally litter-free streets and the riverside brasseries are ideal for sinking glasses (or bottles, it’s been a long lockdown) of vino.

Get here in 45 minutes from London


Winchester is our honourable mention. Winnie (as we affectionately call it… no one else does) is worth the hour and half drive ⌛

The city is nestled in the county of Hampshire on the fringes of the South Downs National Park. The city itself is super cosmopolitan but there are dreamt countryside views all around. Tick off The Great Hall for King Arthur’s round table and hit up The Fox for beef rib ramen.