Going Dutch Going Dutch


Move over Amsterdam you spliff smoking, culture hogging giant, make room for some of the smaller fries…

The Netherlands is so much more than an interrailing pitstop or a pint-swilling lads weekend. It’s bursting out of its trousers with art, nature and dreamy beaches (yes really).

This is our guide to The Netherlands nether regions - it’s time to Go Dutch…


Haarlem, Netherlands

Poor Haarlem is often overshadowed by its less vowel-y rival over in NYC.

They got Azealia Banks, but do they got windmills?

Just a 15 minute train ride from Amsterdam, this Dutch city’s got history bouncing off its cobbled streets. The Ten Boom family hid Jews here back in WW2.

Cycle down the coast to Bloemendaal for San Blas bar’s beach parties or take a boat out on the canal to see those peng windmills.


Zandvoort, Netherlands

A beach resort (in a good, hippie way not a sleazy Blackpool way), Zandvoort is one looooong beach bordered by silky dunes.

Very close to the Zuid-Kennemerland National Park, do your best Ace Ventura and get down with the cows or head to the beach for kitesurfing and sandcastles.

It’s only a 25 minute train from Amsterdam. Winning.


The Hague, Netherlands

The Hague has a rep for being as dull as a judge’s arse and that’s not fair (on anyone).

It’s the Netherlands 3rd biggest city and it’s stuffed to the gills with fancy buildings and priceless art - looking at you ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’.

If that doesn’t get your synapses zinging then feel free to jump 60m off Scheveningen Pier on a bungee or drink in Holland’s highest bar.