UK Holiday Face-Off: Industrial vs Extra AFUK Holiday Face-Off: Industrial vs Extra AF


Cotswolds OR Devon, United Kingdom

We’ve been working on our smack talk and scouring the UK to bring you handpicked destinations for the ultimate faceoff. In the blue corner, we have industrial minimalism in Devon. In the red corner, we have luxe maximalism in The Cotswolds…

Who wins? You decide.

Keep reading for a luxe 3-night stay in The Cotswolds at Even Keel for £698 (sleeps 6) OR go for edgy, loft-style with a 2-night stay in Devon at Figure of Eight for £447 (sleeps 4). Baller? Okay, Jeff Bezos, book both. Dates available in July, August, and September.

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Red Corner: The Cotswolds 🥊

If you pick Even Keel in The Cotswolds you'll be staying in Tetbury where it's all about indie boutiques, cute coffee shops, and hiking trails that’d make Nat Geo quiver.

Blue Corner: Devon 🥊

If you pick Figure of Eight in Devon you'll be staying in Topsham. This guy is Devon’s heavy-hitter, we’re talking a winding river and really good eats.

So what will you go for? Chocolate box cuteness in the Cotswolds or cosmopolitan coastline in Devon? FYI - the pubs are overdraft-abusingly good in both towns.

Cotswolds: Even Keel

Choose the Cotswolds (pics above) for four floors of colourful antiques, velvety furnishings, and the kind of artwork that puts your inspirational quote poster to shame. There are swanky sculptures leaning on shipbuilding tools and tea crates from estates all over the world. If this house could talk it would say… “Money, honey.”

The kitchen at Even Keel is perfect for grown-up dinner parties. The sort where the wine isn’t shit and there are rainbow tulips as the centrepiece. The private courtyard is another best bit - there’s a gothic-looking tower of candles and twinkling fairy lights.

Devon: Figure of Eight

Choose Devon (pics above) for a 17th-century boathouse that’s been given a gritty New York loft makeover. The brickwork at Figure of Eight has been given a wash of white paint and the steel supports have been left exposed. Your mum would call it “trendy”. We like the copper island seating in the living room, dangling rose gold light bulbs, and the modern fireplace.

BUT the best bit has got to be the bathroom with its black honeycomb wall tiles and massive stand-alone tub.

What will I do in The Cotswolds?

If you choose the Cotswolds you’ll start the day with a caffeine pitstop at Cafe 53 - try and get a garden seat. Then you’ll want to hang with TRH The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall at Highgrove, their private residence… or just try and sneak a peek from the public gardens. For evening eats try the Cat and Custard Pot pub, Priory Inn, or The Gumstool Inn.

What will I do in Devon?

If you choose Devon you should start at Sara's Petite Cuisine for dainty cakes and flaky pastries on pink floral plates. Uplifting stuff. Get the coconut and rose cake or a stack of fresh pancakes. After, hop on the Topsham to Turf ferry for a soothing sail down the River Exe. Evenings are for teriyaki glazed pork belly and tempura scallops with scallop roe mayo at The Galley Restaurant.

Who wins? You decide.

Exactly what’s included?

• 3 nights at Even Keel OR 2 nights at Figure of Eight (other lengths of stay available)
• Plum Guide COVID Cover
• Sleeps 6 and 4 respectively
• Close to town locations - Tetbury or Topsham

Offer in partnership with Plum Guide, see terms and conditions here.