Lost in a LabyrinthLost in a Labyrinth

Lost in a Labyrinth

“I went away to Indiahhhh to find myself, you know?”

No one wants to be that guy at the party.

Avoid at all costs with these mazes that’ll make sure you get lost as hell.

Andrassy Castle Maze


This noble hedge maze was made not in the shape of a unicorn, lion or dragon, but a… squid??

Whatever floats your boat.

Bowl about this giant maze before taking in a classical concert in the castle grounds. Deeeeeelightful.

Kulgrindas Underwater Passages

Vilnius, Lithuania

“What are you doing in MY SWAMP?” Shrek and the 13th century locals had one thing in common - trying to defend their swamp from foreign invaders.

Wade thigh deep in mud through the hidden underwater passages that once led to villages and hillforts.

It’s a maze (duh) so hire a guide from the Varniai regional park - you'll get the historical low-down too.

Labyrinthe Vegetal

Bergerac, France

“Don’t think about Cedric Diggory, don’t think about Cedric Diggory, don’t think about Cedric…”

Don’t worry, this is a much friendlier maze than that one from the Triwizard tournament.

Cut out of towering corn fields, stumble around in a dizzy effort to reach the centre. Go at night for a dash of magic.