Line of Duty... in real life Line of Duty... in real life


So you’ve been to the hairdressers and got the Vicky McClure and you know your AC-12 from your OCG…

It’s time to take the Line of Duty fandom to the next level and walk in the cast’s season six shoes.

We’re going to show you why your next UK staycation should be spent stomping around Belfast shouting “BENT COPPERS” and introducing yourself as Hastings, “like the battle.”

Filming Locations

THAT subway. You know the one, where the shneakkyyy meetings between DS Arnott and DI Fleming take place. Take a stroll through the exact subway - it runs from Albert Clock to the High Street. Bonus? It’s a bit of a street art moment, the graffiti is a rainbow wash of loveliness… mind the rats.

Want to hit up the Police HQ where Ted is constantly getting bollocked and has delivered some of his most enthusiastic “BENT COPPERS”… sure you do. Make for the Central Library on Royal Avenue.

Finish things off with the location of the raid - lovely. It’s on Cavehill Road. Lastly, it’s the big dog itself, the AC-12 HQ. Find it on Bedford Street marked as the Invest NI building.

Eat & Drink

“Now we’re sucking diesel.”

You’re DAMN right we are, Ted. All that tramping about trying to infiltrate Organised Crime Groups will take it out of a person. So we’ve rounded up a few of our fave refreshment spots.

Err… it’s a shed? YES. And isn’t all the best food from sheds? No, for reals, Molly’s Yard does incredible food that won’t bankrupt you. Get the creamy seafood chowder with hunks of pillowy soda bread. Or try Hadskis, a classy spot sitting pretty on the cobblestones. We like it for the beastly tomahawk steaks and white chocolate tiramisu.

"Excuse me? I believe my fish is shitfaced.” Yeah the lads at Made in Belfast don’t mess around. Your meltingly soft fish will have had a little gin bath (haven’t we all?). The burgers are really good too, they come with chips thicker than a baby’s forearm.


We won’t make you stay in a hotel with a broken toilet. Soz, Superintendent Hastings. We’ve got three options for you, budget, basic, and baller...

Lagan Backpackers is a lively hostel a short stroll from the centre where you can get a bunk room with a shared bathroom for 50 squids. Want something a little more spesh?

The Titanic Hotel has got you sorted. It’s got a massive domed roof and an underlit bar plus swanky velvet sofas in the lobby. Rooms are sleek and modern.

If you’re looking to drop some serious moolah The Culloden Estate has a luxe spa, spacious rooms, and rolling landscaped grounds.