Hi I'm... NerjaHi I'm... Nerja


Nerja, Spain

Powdery beaches, medieval Spanish buildings, river beds filled with exotic plants…

Nerja’s a bit of a dreamboat.

One of the least developed towns in the Costa Del Sol, people still flock to the ‘Balcon de Europa’ for live music, great restaurants and a view of the African coast (on a VERY good day).

It's time to say Buenos Dias to Nerja…


Look to your left - there’s a beach. Look to your right - there’s a beach. Walk 16km down the coast - you’re still on a beach.

This is why people come to Nerja.

Most head to Burriana for the watersports and beach bars. This is also where you’ll find Ayo’s Paella - every single day for the last 50 years Ayo’s been making paella over a woodfire about 50 metres from the sea. Thank you Ayo.

The local’s favourites are El Salon and Playa Carabeo. The lack of bars keep the tourists away.


You can't really go wrong with food in Nerja. Stick to the traditional Spanish restaurants and you’ll leave a happy fat camper.

Meson De Antonio is probably the best. It’s been run by the same family for generations. Sit under pictures of the Spanish royal family and feast on authentic chorizo and prawn pil pil.

If you want something cheaper and faster La Mariposa will serve you as much tapas and wine as your belly can handle - for under a tenner. It’s actually hard to spend money here.

For a baller night out, you’ll want Restaurant 34. Part of the boutique Hotel Carabeo, the 34 prepares local, seasonal dishes to a fine dining standard. Get the sherry soaked lobster or the pork cheeks.


There’s never a bad time to be drinking in Nerja. Start with beach beers or a cheeky breakfast cocktail (if that’s how you roll) and head to the tiny Vinoleto wine bar for aperitifs.

This tiny bar, tucked away from the main strip, has the best service in Nerja. Andalusian wines are served with free tapas. YAS FREE. Tables spill out onto the road filled with bottles of cold cava, riojas and real sangria.

Then later it’s off to Tutti Frutti Square. With a name like that you just know it’s up to no good… Choose from the Irish Bar O’Malleys, the rock bar Pub Tantra or one of the shisha bars before heading to the so-bad-it’s-good nightclub Jimmy’s.


It’s day 3 and all you’ve done so far is laid spreadeagled on the beach and stuffed your piehole with tapas.

Better go for a walk.

This hike from Nerja along the (mostly dried up) River Chillar will have you sweating out last night’s sangria from every pore. Cool down in one of the sparkling pools and spot lizards basking in the gorge.

7km later you’ll find yourself at the hilltop town of Frigiliana - ‘Andalucia’s prettiest town’.

It’s true Nerja isn’t the sleepy fishing village it once was, but it’s still a long way away from its rowdy Costa del Sol sisters Marbella and Torremolinos.

And it’s just 45 minutes from Malaga airport 👍