The London Pride GuideThe London Pride Guide

The London Pride Guide

Unlike the P in Pfizer… Pride Month will never be silenced 🤫

The Pride in London parade has been moved to September, but there’s still a bunch of ways to fly the rainbow flag this month.

Keep reading for candlelit concerts, film screenings on the beach, and LGBTQ+ street art 🍭 BUT WAIT. Hold the phone, there’s more. In case you want to make any of our picks overnighters, we’ve got accommodation too. Whack PLUM5OFF in at checkout for a tasty 5% off all these stays...

Backyard Cinema, Miami Nights

You straddle an inflatable pink flamingo and watch, wide-eyed, as Elio gets more intimate with a peach than any person should…

Backyard Cinema has brought Miami Beach to Wandsworth. For the whole month of June you can get LGBTQ+ gems like Call Me By Your Name, Paris is Burning, Milk, and Pride in your peepers.

And yes, lilos and lifeguard huts are provided. Peaches are not.

Canary Wharf Street Art

“What’s your favourite colour?”


Rebecca Strickson is the artist behind Proudly Together, a series of rainbow murals around Canary Wharf. Catch her multicolored creations at The Reuters Plaza and Cubitt Steps. Then hot foot it over to Jubilee Atrium for Fiona Grady’s Kaleidoscopic Prisms window design.

Do you like art that’s basically a glittery middle finger to Scandi minimalism? You’ll love this.

Candlelight Concert

Before you start saying you don’t like musical… HEAR US OUT.

This candelit concert is probably what heaven looks like... not the nightclub, the big guy’s gaff. And on the 29th it’s celebrating the biggest queer musical moments. We’re talking, Hairspray, Kinky Boots, Mean Girls, Moulin Rouge, and The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Run don’t walk. These tickets are selling like Elio's peaches.

Bougie Drag Dinner

The cheek, the nerve, the gall, the audacity and the gumption…

Tayce. Bottomless cocktails. 3-course meal. This bougie drag dinner is a box ticker. Expect lip sync smackdowns, eats, and alllll the prosecco.

Greenwich Maritime Museum, Family Network

The Greenwich Maritime Museum has got LGBTQ+ events happening throughout the year. One of the best is their Family Network which gives local families a safe space to meet each other and get creative. There are artist-led activities inspired by the museum, the maritime world, and LGBTQ+ histories.

Catch it bi-monthly on the 17th July, 18 September, and 20 Nov. This one’s suitable for all ages.