Around the World in 6 Meal KitsAround the World in 6 Meal Kits


Want to get the flavour of Naples and taste of North China without having to travel?

We’ve searched the restaurant world for the best international eats that can be delivered right to your door. No PCR test or quarantine needed.

From pork shoulder ragu to plumpy bao buns, this is your chance to support restaurants and have delish eats at home (if outside dining is still feeling overwhelming). EVERYONE’S A WINNER.


Nothing says I love you like a brioche sesame bun. NOTHING.

So do yourself a favour and get a Venimoo Burger Kit. Sounds like something Frankenstein dreamt up but it’s actually a venison patty AND a beef patty. For all that rich goodness with the right amount of melty fat. Gird your loins. This guy also comes with a dash of bernaise and some red john sauce.

Drooling? Us too.

Pizza and Pasta

Passo to Go are delivering meal kits and breaking hearts everywhere they go. You may try to elope with the delivery driver. Don't.

Hit the link and check out their pasta and pizza kits which deliver nationwide. Because people outside London gotta eat too.

There's a bunch of options but we like the pork shoulder pasta and speck pizza.


Making bao requires a level of food wizardry you don’t have (we’re assuming here… but really? Can you?) That’s where Bao's DIY kit comes in to save your bacon. These fluffy buns are stuffed full of melting pork or zingy daikon and delivered nationwide.

The people’s hero.

Bacon Naan Roll

When they say their going to pop the BIG question...

Will you share a bacon naan roll with me?

If they say no then they're crazy and you made a lucky escape. If they say yes (keeper) head to the link for Dishoom's iconic rolls. They come with smoked streaky bacon, tomato chili jam, fresh coriander, cream cheese, Darjeeling tea, and chai spices.

Get the option with marmalade mimosas included. Because if you're not day drunk on a Sunday morning and planning to quit your job - did you even have a weekend?

Smoked Meat

The things Smokestack can do with meat have been described as "practically indecent".

This meal kit is spenny but it's also one of the best. You'll kick things off with a couple of rhubarb sour then it's onto the salt-baked beetroot with hazelnut and goats cheese for starters and gochujang wings. Make room for meat next - 15hr smoked brisket. It's served with beef fat chips and ginger and green chili slaw.

Finish with vanilla chocolate mousse and honeycomb.


Repeat after me:

"In tacos we trust"

The tacos at Corazon will make you a born again believer. Their kits come with melty hanger steak that you stuff into perfect little tacos along with guacamole and black beans.