Procida: Taste the RainbowProcida: Taste the Rainbow


Naples, Italy

Procida. The town that looks like a pool of melting ice pops.

Sun bleached streets, lemon groves and pastelly houses - this Italian island is a unicorn’s happy place 🦄

It’s tourist-free (except in August when mainlanders come to sun themselves).

Watch old seamen swap stories on the waterfront while little kids dangle their toes in the sea, waiting to catch their first fish.

Italians know how to live.

There aren’t masses of beaches, but Chiaiolella (try saying that drunk) and Il Postino are stunners.

Failing that, nab a space at local favourite the Lido di Procida.

The hike up to Terra Murata (the medieval town) is kinda sweaty, but it's worth it when you see the views.

For lunch, go to an inland trattoria and try the local lemon salad (literally raw lemon with chilli oil, but... nice).

Dinner is seafood and a glass of limoncello on the waterfront.

Giant sweet lemons grow here and are used in everything, so the place tastes as zingy as it looks 🍋 🍋 🍋

Procida has sun-spotted courtyards and tasty seafood at every turn. Your best bet is to mosey about with no plans and enjoy island life.

It's is an easy day-trip from Naples.

This one’s a keeper - hit the Lucky button and get booking when the world opens up again 💚